What is a Digital Business Card?

People have been using business cards for centuries. They have been used in different ways including over the years calling cards, information cards and more traditionally business cards.

Most people in business wouldn't dream of going to a business meeting without carrying a paper business card. But things have moved on and business cards are no exception.

Many business people these days leave behind their paper business cards and carry instead a digital business card.

Take your Digital Business Card with you when you leave the house

I don’t know about you. But when I leave the house I have a mantra I say to myself: money, phone, keys. If I am going to a business meeting I would add business cards to my mantra. However with a Digital Business Card I no longer need to add on that extra phrase, which I often forgot, as my Digital Business Card is with me all the time as it is already in my phone. And I never forget my phone.

There are several advantages of having a Digital Business Card.

Never forget it - Start with the advantage just mentioned above. I rarely forget to take my phone when I leave the house and with a Digital Business Card I always have it with me.

Unlimited Changes - With a paper business card I need to reprint anytime I want a change to it. This often means I have to throw away the batch I ordered previously. No such thing with a Virtual Business Card. All changes and updates I want are easily done. With  a Pramaze Digital Business Card all these changes are free.

Eco Friendly - With a Digital Business Card, no trees are cut down, there is no transportation involved and there is nothing to throw away. As an aside, did you realise that over 80% of paper business cards are thrown away?

Bespoke Digital Business Card
Versatile - There is almost no limit to what you can have on your Digital Business Card. You can have multiple videos embedded on it, images, pdf giveaways, and your online diary embedded too. All this as well as direct links to your phone, email, website and information about you and your business.

Virtual or physical - You can give them to people no matter where they are in the world. You can be in the same room as people or on an internet call, it makes no difference. You can share your Digital Card with as many people as you want.

Never run out - Give your Digital Business Card to multiple people at a time. If you are on a virtual call with more than one person all you need to do is show your Digital Business card to everyone from your screen and they can all get your Business Card instantly. Never again will you need to scribble your phone number on a napkin because you have run out of, or forgotten your business card.

Share your Digital Business Card - Sharing your DBC couldn’t be simpler. You can share it by QR code, email, text/SMS, WhatsApp or on any of your social media platforms.

·       History of business cards

17th Century Europe

    • Announcement card
    • announce the impending arrival of prosperous or aristocratic people to their local town or even their home
    • Status symbol
    • About a playing card size
    • Often engraved in gold
    • A must-have for the upper middle classes

18th – 19th Century

    • Visiting Card – to create a good 1st impression
    • Calling card – when a gentleman was visiting a lady for the first time
    • People would hand over their card at the front door and given to the lady of the house
    • Visitor would wait in the hallway to be received by the lady of the house – OR NOT
    • Card tray in hallway.


    • Unlike the polite European society UK used Cards for trade purposes
    • Handed out before or after work done


    • Visiting cards and calling cards began to merge and become less formal
    • These new hybrid cards started to become popular in the USA

Modern day

    • Time has eroded the meaning of the card
    • Networking - promotion
    • Some parts of the world still treat the business card with importance (Asia and the Far East)
    • Others hand over dog eared, shabby paper business cards


    • The digital age has come to the business card
    • Today’s DBCs are contactless, eco-friendly, unlimited
    • Get mine by scanning the QR code behind me

The future