Worried Your Boss Won't Re-Open?

Worried your boss wont reopen

Are you worried your boss wont re-open after COVID-19? If this happens then the grim truth is that you will probably be out of a job. At least with that company.

Things might feel bad just now but is it possible that you could see this period as a time of opportunity?


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Here are a few suggestions 

For a start, you need to remember that you haven't really changed. Your employment situation has changed of course, and things might feel as if there is no way back. But the truth is this will pass. And we will all get on with our life and business.

The one thing you do have just now, when you are off work and isolating at home is time.

Now you could either use this time by sulking about and worrying about things. Or you could use it productively. From experience worrying about anything doesn't help. However, being positive and taking action can be very productive.
Worry does not mean fear, but readiness for the confrontation.
Bashar al-Assad
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Take Notes

So how can you use this time to prepare yourself for when the world gets back to some kind of normality?

Grab a piece of paper and a pen and as you read the rest of this jot down notes and thoughts that come into your head. Don't clutter your mind with trying to remember anything that comes into your mind just jot them down as you think of them.

Do It Yourself

But this doesn't need to be the end for you. Ask yourself this. Was the business viable before it closed? If so, what would it take for you to re-open a similar business?

Before you go down the road of self-doubt, let me point out why you just might be able to do it.

For a start there will be one less competitor in the market because your boss didn’t reopen. Then you must take into account that you already know the business, because you have work experience. Also, you might even still have contacts of past customers and suppliers.
People often think that losing your job is one of the worst things that can happen to someone. And, in some cases, that might be true. But for me, unemployment can be the time and the motivation to finally go after my goals.
Homaro Cantu

Get Another Job

Get another job

 Of course you could just go straight back out there and look for another job. If this is for you then use this time to prepare yourself.

Make sure your CV is up to date. Apply for as many jobs right now as you can even if the business is closed. Although there are slim pickings for job opportunities, there might not be many applicants at this time either

Remember some businesses will have had to let their staff go. They will need to be ready with new staff to reopen when the time comes.

Be Productive

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How can you use this time productively? Okay start jotting. Write down whatever comes into your head right now. So maybe you are telling yourself that you can use this time productively by getting fit and exercising in your isolation. You might think that you could write the book you have been thinking of doing.

It might even be that you want to update your Instagram or TikTok account with lots of new posts.

So just take a moment right now to write down how you feel you could make this time in isolation work for you.

As well as some of the personal things that you could do to keep you active, why not think of how you can prepare for your profession or career. Think about what you're going to do if your boss does actually decide not to open your place of work again.

First thing to do is not be angry with your boss. His or her responsibility as a boss is to look after the staff if possible. This situation is not his or her fault and if the business was doing well before COVID-19 and they have decided not to re-open then it must be for other reasons. Those reasons don’t matter to you in the long run.

Don't Dwell On The Negative

Do what it takes to stay positive. Keep your mind active and let your creativity be guided towards what you want to do once things get back to normal.

The choice is yours. You can use the time to stagnate on the couch watching videos. Or spend some quality time preparing yourself and your career for when the world is as we remember it.

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