Low Cost Marketing Tips For Business Start Ups

Marketing For Small Businesses

Small businesses owners have a lot to do and even more to think about. You are probably understaffed and doing just about everything yourself.

However if you are going to grow your business you need to make some things a priority.

Marketing Is One Of Those Things

If you are like many entrepreneurs just starting out, you might think that marketing equals money, but not all marketing needs to cost the earth. You can of course go down the Google ads route or other paid advertising. While this can bring in customers, it can also cost a bit of money to get right.
Low Cost Tips For Marketing Your Small Business

Content Is King

Presumably if you have started a business then you know a bit about the business you are in.

One of the best marketing tools available and completely free is talking about what you know. By sharing your knowledge in the form of blogs potential customers will be comforted that you know your stuff. They will be more inclined to buy from you when they have confidence in you.

But knowing your business and putting it into words isn’t the end of it. You then need to publish it on your site.

Make your blog posts varied, informational and interesting. Don’t make it an obvious advert for your own business but do make sure that you make it easy for the potential customer to get in touch with you.

Get Personal Reviews

Online Reviews

Small businesses and start-ups have one great advantage over bigger companies. They can stay connected to their customers more easily.

You will have fewer customers, and while that might seem like a negative, you can turn it into a positive marketing strategy for growing your business.

Follow up on customers to check what they thought of your product and service. Ask for an online review of your business. Make sure you pay attention to the poor reviews as well as the great ones. Answer them all personally and promptly.

Learn from disappointing reviews. Ask the customer what you could do differently for them to have given you a good review. Invite them back to show them you have made changes where warranted.

Good reviews are such a great marketing opportunity it is hard to believe that some companies still don’t follow up.

A customer leaving a good review of your business or service could be an ambassador for your business. Think about it. Whenever someone asked that person for a recommendation when looking to buy your product, that person is going to point them in your direction. Treat good reviews as VIPs and stay in touch with them

Give Out Business Cards

Digital Business Card

Digital Business Card

A business card that represents you and your business is an important marketing tool for any business person. Many small business owners forget that just about everyone they meet is a potential customer. So it is important for you to give them an easy way to get in touch with you, should they need your services.

Paper business cards are good, however with the onset of everything digital, Digital Business Cards can prove to be even better.

If you opt to have a paper business card make sure it stands out, because your card will end up in a pile with other forgotten business cards received by the person you give it to. Digital businesses cards can have your image on it which makes it much easier for the person you give it to, to remember you.

No matter if you use a digital business card or a paper one, hand them out to anyone and everyone you can.

Ambassador For Your Business

Brand Ambassador

Marketing your business can be a scary concept for new or small businesses. It conjures up thoughts of costing lots of money, time or both. However the three examples of low cost marketing proves that it doesn’t need to cost a fortune to get potential customers to notice you.