How To Get More Online Reviews

  1. Educate Your Staff. Make sure every member of staff know that people are reviewing them as well as your business even before they buy anything
  2. Give Your Customers The Best Buying Experience Possible. When a customer receives very good service or very bad service they tent to tall people. Mediocre service rarely gets past customers talking about you. You want the customer who really enjoyed your service to leave a good review to ensure your business success.
  3. Get Contact Information. Make sure you have some kind of contact information for your customer. Even if you have no reason to ask for contact information it will be very useful to you if you can get it.
  4. Ask for Reviews. There are many reasons people don’t give online reviews. The most obvious one is that you don’t ask them for a review. After customers buy from you, reviewing your services is not top of their priority. However if asked they will normally oblige.
  5. Follow Up With Customers. You will know the appropriate time to follow up with your customer. This will depend on which product they have bought. If they have bought a car from you it may be best to wait for a month or so before following up. This will give them the opportunity to enjoy and evaluate their new car. However if you sold them a vacation the best time to follow up is a few days after they return. This way the fun holiday is still fresh in their mind.

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