Digital Business Cards During Lockdown

Networking During Lock-down

There are many things we cannot do during lock-down. Many gyms, shops and services are closed for business around the world, and most people are restricted to only leaving home for exercise once a day. 

Meeting friends and family for nothing more than a chat has gone by the wayside until lock-down restrictions have been lifted.

However, if you are a business owner or manager, the one thing you can do is continue to network and hand out your business card by having a Digital Business Card

Getting your business card to people and continuing to network during lock-down is vital for a number of revisions. In order for you to have a business to go back to you need to stay in touch with business colleagues, clients and potential clients. But how do you continue to stay in touch with people when you are not able to meet people face to face

Before Lock-down

Before lock-down, relatively few people used online tools like Zoom, Facetime or Skype to have virtual meetings with colleagues and customers. Since lock-down just about everyone in business has learned to use this way of networking and finding great benefits of doing so.

By having a Digital Business Card during these virtual networking meetings you can easily pass on your business card too.

Digital Business Cards

This is where your Digital Business Card comes in. With a Digital Card, you can pass on your information my email, text, WhatsApp or even by simply showing them your Digital Card via your laptop camera. It is that easy!

What is a Digital Business Card? 

Your Digital Card is a way to continue to get your information to people even when you are not physically with them. 

You can have just about anything you want in your Digital Card including videos, images, promotions for your business and your contact information. And remember your Digital Card can be passed on to people even when you are not with them

Your Digital Business Card is bespoke and is ready for you within 24 hours. It is bespoke to you and will have your company branding logo and colours, and can make changes to it as needed.
  • Designed to your business style and brand
  • Share your Digital Business Card easily
  • Get your card straight onto their device and not in their waste paper bin
  • Include images, logo and videos on your Digital Business Card
  • This is NOT an app. So no need for you or your contacts to visit any app store
  • View on any device, iPhone, Android, laptop or tablet
  • Never run out of them, pass them onto hundreds, thousands or millions of people
  • Eco Friendly - No Trees Cut Down - No Transportation - Nothing to Throw Away

The Future

Things for many individuals and businesses look and feel grim at the moment. 

But one thing is for sure, we will come out of this unplanned-for time, and with your Digital Business Card, you can stay in touch with people you work with now as well as future potential clients and customers. This will make sure you are ready for when this all ends.

Digital business cards for networking