Cut Customer Service Costs Dramatically

Reduce customer service costs

Few things will attract consumers to your business than having good online reviews and fantastic customer service.

In some ways these two things are linked. Having customer service that is efficient and easy to use will often bring you good online reviews.

Automated chatbot

The problem until recently has been that supplying good customer service relies on having enough staff to make sure that you can spend time with your customers.

Notice I said ‘until recently’. That’s because now you can have chatbots that can reduce your customer service staff by over 50% while providing the same high standard of service.

This is a game changer for many companies, big and small

What is a Chat Bot

The word ‘bot’ is simply a shortened version of robot. So a chat bot is simply a way of communicating with your website visitors without needing a live customer support person.

chatbots on your website

Just a few of the advantage of a chat bot are:

  • They're on your website 24/7 to communicate with your website visitors
  • You can have bots do, and ask, just about anything
  • They can be used to welcome visitors or as an incredible marketing tool
  • They can collecting anything from phone numbers to email addresses and much more 
  • A chat bot can ask questions and then answer them
  • And many more

By anticipating some of the questions that your website visitors may ask, you can get the chat bot to answer anything you want. At the end of the conversation your bot can ask them to leave contact information so that a live customer service member of staff can follow up with them.

Selling Products and Services

If you prefer, you can actually bypass a live person altogether. This would be the case by having links in your chat bot answers to your shopping basket or individual products or services.

chatbot robots

Marketing and Lead Generation

Another amazing way that chat bots can help get you more business is by lead generation. You can ask some questions to get your website visitors interested and then direct them to helpful free information, where they need to leave their email address to collect it.

Potential Customers Prefer Bots 

According to research (Statista in 2018), 45% of respondents say that chat bots are their first pick in regard to customer service.

You can conclude from this that almost half of the people seeking customer service would prefer not to get into conversation initially with a live person. This is especially true if the chat bot is able to answer the question or solve their problem.

Outside Working Hours

In the past, consumers would need to wait until opening hours to buy a product or service or to get hold of a customer service representative. However with the popularity of online shopping the window that consumers have now to buy what they want is any day and anytime.

chatbots by pramazeFor any small or medium-size business, supplying 24/7 customer support would be almost impossible and hugely expensive. Chat bots solve this problem by being available on your website 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. 

Take the worry out of giving your customers and potential customers the best customer service possible at a fraction of the cost. Get started today with your own bespoke chat bot